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Nation's Most Complete Credit Building Program

Poor or Insufficient credit has become a growing epidemic in America. Nearly a third of Americans have a credit score lower than 601 — the distinction between bad and fair credit — according to credit bureau Experian. If you suffer from poor credit, it is definitely costing you more than you know. You are spending thousands of hard earned money in higher interest and down payments. The fact is that 70% of all credit reports have errors on them and we are experts in identifying accounts that are erroneous, inaccurate and unverifiable. For those with challenged credit we’ve developed a 3 tier approach.




Credit Builder

Allows all of our clients to get an instant approval for new lines of credit. There’s absolutely NO CREDIT CHECK, NO INQUIRIES and NO PRIOR Credit History Required. This is a great to get a Primary Account onto your report and usually provides an instant BOOST to a client profile in days.

Credit Builder Plus

Implements all of the elements of Restore, Rebuild and Protect. It’s the package specifically designed for those with less than 720 scores and are seeking approvals for apartments and best rates on credit cards, vehicles, and mortgages

Budgeting Software

Maintaining Great Credit also involves keeping your balances low and paying bills on time. You worked hard to achieve a score into the high 700’s and you do not want to see that number go back down. The average person pays 7-10 bills a month and those with better credit can pay as many as 15-20 bills every month. Our software will help prevent you from missing ANY payments via text alerts and emails. This dynamic software will also tell you how to maximize your money to pay off credit cards balances based on the interest rates. The less you owe the higher your score will become. Credit is not always about how much you make. It’s often how well you manage what you make!!!

Business Builder Program

The hidden secret for business owners!!! 95% of business owners have ZERO business credit. That is not intelligent to use your personal 9 digit Social Security number for business. Thats for your personal life. We will show how to use your other government issued 9 digit number. Your EIN number or tax ID number. Are you just using it to file taxes?. We guarantee instant approvals! Achieve an 80 Paydex Score, Dunn & Brad Street Number( DUNS #) number and 50,000 (many cases more) in business credit.

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